Cuisine in Bac Lieu – Viet Nam

MUSICWhen you come to Bac Lieu, it would be regretful if you forget enjoy specialties. Because population there consists of Vietnamese, Chinese and some other ethnic minorities, the cuisine is very variable. However, two dishes I liked the most are “ Banh Xeo”, “Lau mam”, which were very much more tasty than what I had imagined.

IMG_0897“ Banh Xeo” is a kind of half-folded rice pancake filled with shrimp, minced meat, soya bean sprouts. If you are in Vietnam, it will be very easier to find a restaurant selling this cake, but the flavor there is totally different. The brand “ A Map” is the restaurant that I came to according to my friend’s introduction. Following my experience, I tasted the green bean inside and If I didn’t mistake, the chef would use coconut’s water to dissolve the flour. Up to now, I still have wondered why he can make the pancake brittle as much as glass. Besides, this food is also eaten with vegetable : salad, mustard greens, lettuce and basil. And finally, one other thing playing an important role to attract the strict gourmet is the fish sauce which is not very salty,but a little bit sweet. All above materials mixed by skilful chef make the dish awesome and unforgettable if you have a chance to stop by. Each big cake just costs about 35.000 VND, so you can fulfill your stomach with the reasonable price.

IMG_0777“ Lau mam” is a type of stew consisting of fresh snail, squid, shrimp, grilled chopped fish and some pieces of tofu. Its specialty is the sauce used to marinate the water inside a pot. Customers have to wait for the boiling of water with the sauce, then put the vegetable into the pot. There are a lot of greens such as aubergine, water-lily’s trunk, bindweed, pumpkin’s flowers and etc. I took a little rice noodle to my bowl , then a little water from the pot and vegetable. I was so happy at that moment. Now after a month, I still drool when remember how delicious it is. IMG_0775

There are many many other tasty dishes that I would like to introduce to you if you spend a little time coming to Bac Lieu – Vietnam

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